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OTC, OTCBB and TSX Venture Gold Mining Stocks

Gold Mining Stocks - Directory of OTC, OTCBB and TSX Venture Microcap Gold Stocks. If you know of a gold stock that should be listed here, please Let us Know about it.

Acadian Gold (ADA.V)
African Gold Group (AGG.V)
African Metals (AFR.V)
Alhambra Resources (ALH.V)
Alpha Gold (ALQ.V)
Alma Resources (ALV.V)
Alturas Minerals (ALT.V)
Amarc Resources (AHR.V)
Amarillo Gold (AGC.V)
American Goldfields (AGFL.OB)
Amerix Precious Metals (APM.V)
AmMex Gold (AMXG.OB)
Andean American (AAG.V)
Andina Minerals (ADM.V)
Antares Minerals (ANM.V)
Arizona Star Resource (AZS.V)
Asian Dragon Group (AADG.OB)
AuEx Ventures (XAU.V)
Aurora Gold (ARXG.OB)
Avino Silver & Gold (ASM.V)
Axmin Inc. (AXM.V)
Azimut Exploration (AZM.V)

Barker Minerals (BML.V)
Bear Creek Mining (BCM.V)
Belvedere Resources (BEL.V)
Big Bar Gold (BBK.V)
Bitterroot Resources (BTT.V)
Bravo Venture Group (BVG.V)
Bralorne Gold Mines (BPM.V)
Bullion River Gold (BLRV.OB)

Cadiscor Resources (CAO.V)
Canplats Resources (CPQ.V)
Capital Gold Corp (CGLD.OB)
Cassidy Gold Corp (CDY.V)
Century Mining (CMM.V)
Christopher James Gold (CJG.V)
CMQ Resources (CMQ.V)
Crescent Resources (CRC.V)
Crosshair Exploration (CXX.V)
Colombia Goldfields (CGDF.OB)
Columbia Metals (COL.V)
Columbus Gold (CGT.V)
Commerce Group (CGCO.OB)
Consolidated Gold (CGW.V)
Copper Canyon Resources (CPY.V)
Coral Gold (CGR.V)
Corex Gold Corp (CGE.V)
Cornerstone Capital Resc. (CGP.V)
Cypress Development (CYP.V)

De Beira Goldfields (DBGF.OB)
Delta Exploration (DEV.V)
Dhanoa Minerals (DHNA.PK)
Douglas Lake Min. (DLKM.OB)
Dynasty Gold (DYG.V)

Eaglecrest Explorations (EEL.V)
East Delta Resources (ELDT.OB)
El Capitan Prec. Metals (ECPN.OB)
Emgold Mining (EMR.V)
Entourage Mining (ETGMF.OB)
Exeter Resource Corp (XRC.V)

Firstgold Corp (FGOC.OB)
Foran Mining Corp (FOM.V)
Fortune River Res. (FRX.V)
Frontier Pacific Mining (FRP.V)
Full Metal Minerals (FMM.V)

Galantas Gold (GAL.V)
Garibaldi Resources (GGI.V)
Genco Resources (GGC.V)
Geologix Explorations (GIX.V)
Global Gold (GBGD.OB)
Gold Canyon Resources (GCU.V)
Goldcrest Resources (GCL.V)
Gold Hawk Resources (CGK.V)
Goldmarca Ltd (GML.V)
Gold Resource Corp (GORO.OB)
Gold-Ore Resources (GOZ.V)
Golden Band Resources (GBN.V)
Golden Eagle (MYNG.OB)
Golden Goliath (GNG.V)
Golden Goose Res. (GGR.V)
Golden Hope Mines (GNH.V)
Golden Tag Resources (GOG.V)
Golden Valley Mines (GZZ.V)
Goldex Resources (GDX.V)
Great Quest Metals (GQ.V)

Halo Resources (HLO.V)
Hanover Gold (HVGO.OB)
Helio Resources (HRC.V)
Homeland Prec. (HPMEF.OB)
Houston Lake Mining (HLM.V)
HuntMountain Res. (HNTM.OB)

IBI Corp (IBI.V)
Int. Gold Res. (IGRU.PK)

J-Pacific Gold (JPN.V)

Kalimantan Gold (KLG.V)
Kaminak Gold (KAM.V)
Keegan Resources (KGN.V)
King's Bay Gold (KBG.V)
Kootenay Gold (KTN.V)

Lateegra Gold (LRG.V)
Linear Metals (LRM.V)
Linux Gold (LNXGF.OB)
LKA International (LKAI.OB)
Luna Gold Corp (LGC.V)

MacMillan Gold (MMG.V)
Madison Minerals (MMRSF.OB)
Magnus Int. Res. (MGNU.OB)
Majestic Gold (MJS.V)
Mandalay Resources (MLR.V)
Mansfield Minerals (MDR.V)
Mantra mining (MAN.V)
Maximum Ventures (MVI-H.V)
Maximus Ventures (MXV.V)
Maxy Gold (MXD.V)
Metanor Resources (MTO.V)
Mediterranean Res. (MNR.V)
Medoro Resources (MRS.V)
Merrex Gold Inc (MXI.V)
Mexoro Minerals (MXOM.OB)
Mexivada Mining (MNV.V)
Midway Gold Corp. (MDW.V)
Mindoro Resources (MIO.V)
Miranda Gold Corp (MAD.V)
Mirasol Resources (MRZ.V)
Mosquito Consld. (MSQ.V)
Morgain Minerals (MGM.V)
Mountain Boy Min. (MTB.V)
Murgor Resources (MUG.V)

Nayarit Gold Inc (NYG.V)
Nevada Pac. Gold (NPG.V)
New Guinea Gold (NGG.V)
New Jersey Mining (NJMC.OB)
New World Res. (NW.V)
NFX Gold Inc (NFX.V)
Niblack Mining (NIB.V)
Nikos Explorations (NIK.V)
Niogold Mining (NOX.V)
Normabec Mining (NMB.V)
Northern Star Mining (NSM.V)
Northern Shield Resr. (NRN.V)
Novawest Resources (NVE.V)

Osisko Exploration Ltd. (OSK.V)
Oriental Minerals (OTL.V)
Oro Gold Resources (OGR.V)
Oromonte Resources (ORR.V)

Pacific Gold (PCFG.OB)
Pacific Ridge Expl. (PEX.V)
Paramount Gold (PGDP.OB)
Patricia Mining Corp (PAT.V)
Pediment Exploration (PEZ.V)
Resources Pershimco (PRO.V)
Philex Gold Inc (PGI.V)
Pinnacle Mines (PNL.V)
Plexmar Resources (PLE.V)
PMI Gold (PMV.V)
Prospero Minerals (PSPO.PK)


Radius Gold (RDU.V)
Rainy River Resources (RR.V)
Razor Resources (RZRR.OB)
Regent Ventures (REV.V)
Reunion Gold (RGD.V)
Rimfire Minerals (RFM.V)
Robex Resources (RBX.V)
Rochester Res. (RCTFF.OB)
Rocmec Mining (RMI.V)
Romarco Minerals (R.V)
Romios Gold Resources (RG.V)
Roscan Minerals (ROS.V)
Royal Standard (RYSMF.OB)
Rupert Resources (RUP.V)
Rusoro Mining Ltd. (RML.V)

Sable Resources (SAE.V)
San Gold Corp. (SGR.V)
Sargold Resource (SRG.V)
Seabridge Gold (SEA.V)
Searchlight Min. (SRCH.OB)
Serengeti Resources (SIR.V)
Signet Minerals (SGN.V)
Silverado Gold (SLGLF.OB)
Skygold Ventures (SKV.V)
Solitaire Minerals (SLT.V)
Solomon Resources (SRB.V)
Southern Silver Expl. (SSV.V)
Corp.Spruce Ridge Res. (SHL.V)
Superior Mining Int. (SUI.V)
Sunrise Minerals (SUN.V)
Sur American Gold (USUR.V)
Sutter Gold Mining (SGM.V)
Stallion Group (SLGR.OB)
Stargold Mines (SGDM.OB)
Staccato Gold Res. (CAT.V)
Stealth Minerals (SML.V)
Stroud Resources (SDR.V)

Tagish Lake Gold (TLG.V)
Tearlach Resources (TEA.V)
Temex Resources (TME.V)
Terraco Gold Corp (TEN.V)
Teuton Resources (TUO.V)
Thunder Mntn Gold (THMG.OB)
Tone Resources (TNS.V)
Tournigan Gold (TVC.V)
Tumi Resources (TM.V)
Trade Winds Vent. (TWD.V)
Tribute Minerals (TBM.V)
Tri Origin Explor. (TOE.V)
Trelawney Res. (TRR.V)
Tyhee Dev. (TDC.V)

UC Resources (UC.V)
Unigold Inc (UGD.V)
Uruguay Mineral (UME.V)

Valdez Gold Inc (VAZ.V)
Vangold Resources (VAN.V)
Vannessa Ventures (VVV.V)
Vedron Gold Inc (VG.V)
Venture Gold Ltd (VGO.V)
Verena Minerals (VML.V)
Victoria Resource (VIT.V)
Vior Inc (VIO.V)

Wescan Goldfields (WGF.V)
White Knight Resc. (WKR.V)
Wildcat Exploration (WEL.V)
Wits Basin (WITM.OB)


Yukon Gold (YGDC.OB)



Note - Information on OTC, OTCBB and TSX Venture gold mining stocks in this directory is not meant as an endorsement of any of the gold mining stocks listed here. Gold mining stocks are listed in this directory alphabetically. Only OTC, OTCBB and TSX Venture Gold mining stocks are listed in this section of the OTC Stock Directory.

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