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Otclinks.com was created to give microcap stock enthusiasts a resource where they could find information online about not only the microcap stocks they may follow, but the companies themselves, the public relations firms that drive them in the market as well as in-depth profiles on public companies - regardless of which exchange those stocks are traded on. We're even expanding it to include a host of financial newsletters investors may be interested in.

If you have questions about this website, or an OTCLink you find here, please contact us. We will gladly reply and try to give you more information.

If you're an advertiser and are interested in advertising on one of the hottest microcap stock websites online, please contact us. Rates are subject to volume and type of advertising as well as placement.

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Note - Any financial, business, commodity, brokerage, advisory or public relations website can add a link to our microcap stocks directory. We are especially interested in hearing from microcap companies, regardless of being listed on a U.S. or Canadian stock exchange. Otclinks.com looks to expand our Directory to include outlines on otc stocks, venture exchange stocks, nasdaq stocks and those listed on the otc bulletin board. The aim of Otclinks.com is to become the premier source for information on microcap stocks.


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